Demo 2011


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Recorded in Huntington Beach may-july 2011


released July 24, 2012



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TENSION Huntington Beach, California


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Track Name: An Expression In Violence
Violent Attack
Full Impact
Striking Back
Full Impact

No i cant take this
not anymore
i must start this
I have my weapons
preparations made
now i can achieve violence
fucking pissed
time to kill
i want blood
expression in violence
Track Name: Hated
Scars are to show for my childhood memories
abused,neglected,treated cruelly
sometimes it comes back to haunt me
the anger returns,it never leaves me
never//leaves me(x4)
why does this anger always return?
cruel remarks made at a crucial point
always treated like a monster
always laughed at and pushed around
always told im degenerate
hated every single fucking day of my life
Track Name: Undefined
Every fucking day
i hate myself
suicide approaching fast
darkness consumes
my mind abused
fucked up thoughts fill up my soul
waiting now for an end
to all the
suffering//ive gone//through
acting as if
im ok
when really inside im suffering
decision is made
give in too this
load my gun
time to die now.
Track Name: Hate Mongers Must Die
Prejudice without reason
Hatred masking your insecurities
tough guy act wont get you far
shut up your spiteful tongue!

Hate mongers must fucking die

swastikas are not pride
you deny that they died
pride of race is not positive
holocaust deniers must be reeducated

hate mongers must fucking die
Track Name: Mind As A Weapon
wasting your mind
all the fucking time
acting like you know better than mine
all i hear is shit
no one ever speaks
no reason to talk about atrocities we see
use your fucking mind
you are blind to injustice
you cant speak
all you fucking care about is drugs and tv
dumb fucking shit
you dont even know
of all the atrocities happening around you
use your fucking mind
and i wont
be a fucking slave
to inequality
and injustice
im gonna speak up
im gonna be heard
use my mind as a weapon
feel the pressure
building inside you
and i wont be a fucking slave
anymore anymore
ill prevail over this bane for knowledge
use my mind as a weapon
you fucking slave
and i cant
be like everyone else
wasting my right to self improvement
im gonna grab every fucking person and scream
use your mind as a weapon
feel the pressure
building around you
and i wont
listen to you ignorance
im gonna fight back
stand up
use my mind as a weapon

repeat first section

its time to evolve,leave racism behind
ignorance is bliss in corrupt minds
we deserve information
about our situation
use our minds as anti racist weapons!

use your fucking mind
Track Name: Liar
Sick and Tired of your lies
sick and tired of your lies and how you spit them all the time.
uncapable of telling truth
you believe lies you sewn
drug addicted,dramatic cunt
Spreading shit without proof
how dare you say lies so cruel
and non of this affects you
Talking shit all the time
you never have peace of mind
all your words create strife
I hate you for what you do
and we're still family in your mind
im gonna get involved this time
Track Name: Gallows Over Wallstreet
why cant you see?
theyve stolen every fucking thing
destroyed the economies of britain,finland and greece
with smiles on there face
world bank plays our economic god
money is stolen
communities fall
tax dollars stolen to feed theyre greed
total collapse of the global economy
and all the strife they caused
dosent fucking matter to them
there is no remorse
lets hang these fucks
in front of their bank
upon the street
where we can all see
world bank//must be stopped
world bank//must be stopped
world bank(criminals)
world bank(criminals)
death to (world bank)
death to (world bank)
you stole
now its time
to fucking die.
Track Name: Only Good Cop
corporate brownshirts
(setting division)
badge and gun thugs
(creating animosity)
racist enforcement
(setting division)
abusive treatment
(creating animosity)
and every single fucking day again and again
search and seizure,baton beater
again and again
how long with the attempts on my life and rights persist?
i may snap,fight back and do something that will stand
(enforcing racial predjudice)
taking our rights
(taking dirty money)
every single night
only good cop
is a dead cop(x2)
repeat verse one
and as a people we must stand up for our rights
let the system know we wont be abused without a fight
the wounds on society by these pigs are so deep
now we must attack like dogs upon sheep
(these are not laws)
they are abuses of power
(just because you have a gun)
dosent mean your not a coward
only good cop
is a dead cop(x2)
shut your fucking mouth,i dont wanna hear a thing
about your fucking rules or laws or my rights
read me the riot act,show me how to lie
fuck you officer prepare to die
repeat from top til chorus.
Track Name: Nazi Killer
come with your ethos,come with your hate
challenge our unity,make that mistake
i hate you,we're at war
i want you fucking dead
act like an authority,just like a pig
acting superior to everything that is
close minded,stupid,arrogant fuck
get the fuck out of my life
i am the nazi killer
i need their blood,all over me
never since hugo stiglitz
has there been a killer,quite like me
i am the nazi killer
and i now know what i must do
with my guns,my knives,my .44
i will rid the hatred from our scene
nazis fuck off!